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To be eligible for registration with the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) a candidate has to:

1.      Be a first degree graduate of any field of Engineering from an accredited University

2.      Have four Years of post-graduation experience in engineering practice.

3.      Possess the original copy of his / her Engineering Degree Certificate.

4.      Obtain application form from the NSE Website (

5.      Complete the form with attestation by two sponsors who must be active members on clear financial standing

6.      Submit completed forms 2 months before Examination date with 2 Self Addressed Envelops and Stamps, a

processing fee of N10, 000.00 payable to the Branch either in Bank Draft or paid into the Branch UBA

Account No 0234-031-000096-2, and a Bank Draft of N20, 000.00 in favour of the Nigerian Society

of Engineers, Abuja.

7.      Attend a compulsory Branch Pre-interview seminar for a fee of N15, 000.00.

8.      Attend the Headquarters Compulsory refresher course / Workshop for a fee of N15, 000.0

9.      Pay N10, 000.00 for Engineering Resource Centre

10.    Prepare a post graduation project report.  Details will be given at the pre-interview Seminar.

11.    Attend an oral interview and sit for an aptitude test.

12.    Exams are held twice every year, April and September

Eligibility for Registration with Nigerian Society of Engineers Port Harcourt Branch