Inaugural Address presented by Engr. Denis-Mary Abu Azebeokhai-Osogbo Dania, MNES, C.ENG, FICA, MNIMechE, Chairman of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Port Harcourt Branch, on the occasion of his investiture as the 16th Chairman of the Branch at the Engr. Ishmael A. Banigo (NSE) Secretariat, 3 Bernarrd Carr Street, Port Harcourt



I give God all the glory through our Lord Jesus Christ for making this day a reality. I particularly dedicate this day to Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, for her perpetual intercessions for me. Since my consecration to her Immaculate Heart, she has held me like a child.

Today marks, for the Port Harcourt Branch of the Nigeria Society of Engineers, NSE, a smooth transition from one democratic administration to another. This is a rare feat devoid of litigation begging for compliance by the body polity of our nation. For me, this is a formal ascendance unto higher responsibilities and into the great shoes of our forebears. By the pedigree of the Port Harcourt Branch of NSE as the best branch of the 55 branches of the NSE, with enormous assets and liabilities, elevation to the exalted seat of Chairmanship is, without doubt, fearsome; but knowing that the mandate is divine and that God is on the throne to lead us through, I will fear no evil.

Now that the mantle has been handed, and the die already cast, it is now up to us to rise up to the challenges. Having pleased God thus to put me at the helm of affairs of NSE, Port Harcourt Branch, as her chief servant, I hereby declare my whole-hearted acceptance of this responsibility with a deep sense of humility and service. I entrust myself to the prayers of my colleagues and our well wishers as we contribute our quotas to taking the branch to the next level. I believe in professionalism, in building on the foundation we have met, in enhancing our strengths and in playing down our weaknesses for the common good of the Branch and Engineering.

The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) is a professional society founded and nurtured over the years as a common voice for the engineering profession on the basis of high ethical standards and with the aim of enhancing competence in service delivery, promoting professional development, and accentuating members’ welfare. It is therefore a point of connection of engineers with society for the improvement of society’s socio-economic systems. This calls for the need to explore fully the inherent potentials by all stakeholders - government, public and private sectors.

It is my vision to initiate the process of galvanizing NSE Port Harcourt into an epic professional body, capable of satisfying all the professional needs of society and those of her members; which endeavors, consequently, would confer on the Nigerian engineer the respect, dignity and recognitions he/she deserves from both government and society, with the reactionary effect of participating actively in all engineering-based aspects of our economy.

In this regard, I would like to use this opportunity to call on all stakeholders in capacity building and professional development of engineers, leaders of the Nigerian Content, NC, Captains of industries and other end users of engineers, to kindly partner with us in the professional development of engineers. Our target is to ensure that a minimum of 150 engineers are fully trained in specialized areas every year through the Branch, as part of our planned collaborative professional development program with PTDF, NCDME, lead NCs, and other interest groups.

To this end, therefore, career development committee now has an enhanced scope of functioning as Career and Nigeria Content Development committee; it is so structured as a full-fledged directorate of professional development to meet the capacity building needs of our members.


Whenever I ponder on the engineering profession and its incalculable ways of shaping the industries, I see the limitless benefits in bringing the captains of industries into the mainstream of activities of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. Hence the need to set up an industrial relations committee becomes very necessary and timely too. This is intended to be a coalition of captains of industries with the main focus of fostering industrial relationships and business networking, and serving as an advisory body to the Nigerian Society of Engineers Port Harcourt Branch on industrial relations. Not only will the committee be the mouthpiece of the Society in industrial affairs, but most importantly, it will moreover serve as the springboard by means of which the Society reaches out to key organizations. The committee shall meet quarterly for industrial related matters, and biannually on social activities and other ancillary affairs. In view of this therefore, I wish to use this medium to appeal to all captains of industries here present to take advantage of this laudable initiative.

The Branch shall also promote the activities of various organizations by allowing them make technical presentations during our general meetings. Surely, such presentations would more or less be a classical show of celebration of some sort for such an organizations.


The welfare of our members shall be paramount in our hearts. We shall ensure that those who have clear financial standing with the branch shall have free calendar and enjoy discounted dinner and workshop fees. We shall liaise with various authorities and pursue vigorously the need to use the services of Nigerian engineers appropriately in the various private and government sectors of the economy. We believe that there is no better way of enhancing capacity building and welfare of members without appropriately using the services of Nigerian engineers in the project execution. This is the only way to build a lasting economy and engender all round prosperity. We shall collaborate with government, industry, commerce, the academia and the society at large for the purpose of technological up upliftment of the Society.


I have always believed that any objective leadership must require the service of professional engineers as backup to be able to deliver on its dividends of democracy to the people. This is a matter of course. There should be a drawing line between politics and projects execution which are mostly basically engineering in nature. Appointment of engineers in positions of authority that are engineering-based, like Ministry of Works, Power, Energy, Water Resources, Transport , Aviation and Housing is therefore a necessary statutory right and not prerogatives, as it were. We wish to appeal to all tiers of government to readdress this issue and appoint fitting engineers as Commissioners and Permanent Secretaries in these establishments not only for effective service delivery but also for efficient professional advisory services to the government. Where such engineers, duly registered, are appointed, COREN and NSE should be made to take responsibility for any professional misconduct arising therefrom, provided that government allows the NSE statutory prerogative nomination for such appointments. In this way, not only do we drive economy adequately and objectively, but also enhance capacity building.

Nevertheless, even though Political Positions are lucrative, honorable and dignifying, I would like to implore engineers to go with politics not only to right the wrongs in our body politic but also to formulate the political frame work required for the adoption and adaptation of emergent technologies.

Our Information Technology Centre will be restructured with immediate employment of a Librarian who is ICT literate; the prospective employee shall function both as a Librarian and as the manager of our ICT facilities, in conjunction with the Chairman of InfoTech Committee in order to constantly update our website and arrange the Library, containing over 30,000 volume of books, in line with acceptable modern format. 

A fully equipped Cyber Café shall be operational with the expansion of the current bandwidth while working closely with the most reliable ISP (Internet Service Provider), to make internet surfing at the Branch hitch-free.

With the plan to acquire 52” LED BD Plasma TV with internet facilities, we hope to make our technical presentations very sophisticated.


Over the years, the training and the professional development of engineers have been a one-time shot through workshops and seminars, with participants not having not value for their time, either though lack of firm grasp of the theorems, or no practical backing. It is now intended that subsequent workshops and seminars shall be more comprehensive and enduring in order to enhance professional development. This can be made possible through the establishment of a centre endowed with all the state-of-the-art facilities to engender a comprehensive training. The yawning gap between the universities and industries has so widened over the years following the ever involving dynamics in technology adopted in industries but not adequately matched by the university’s curriculum. So there is need therefore to bridge the gap; and this, as you already know, is what informed the establishment of the Engineering Resource Centre. It is our desire and primary objective, therefore, to ensure that the Centre becomes functional soon. We shall reach out to all stakeholders in the industry and to all relevant authorities connected with the realization of this dream to fulfill the dreams of our forebears.

It would be recalled that the Engineering Resource Centre (ERC) is a project the Branch holds very close to its heart. It was conceived and modeled for training and retraining of Engineers with world-class engineering techniques in order to confront the challenges of Front-End Engineering Design and implementation and effectively fit into the main stream of the Local Content framework of the Nigerian Government. It is a project which I, motivated as the Technical Secretary, whole-heartedly welcomed and nurtured with the then Branch Chairman, Engr. B. J. Benibo, MNSE. Like an explosive mechanism, it won the heart of every well-meaning engineer.

The branch has acquired 14,000 square metres or (30 plots) of land along Tam David West Boulevard in the new Greater Port Harcourt but the government policy on the use of land around that area has been a major constraint, and is threatening the effective take-off of the project. On assumption of office, this shall be at the front banner of my priority project. We shall ensure that issues are quickly sorted out.  A project implementation Committee has already been set up for this purpose.



We shall continue to strengthen and sustain the industry of our dedicated staff without compromising discipline among staff and between staff and branch officials and members.  Punctuality and competence shall be the soul of business.




The Nigerian Society of Engineers, Port Harcourt Branch is, indisputably, the foremost branch among the 55 branches in the country. To brace up to the challenges and sustain this tempo of leadership requires collective responsibility and commitment. Of course, just as it isn’t easy to get to the top, it is even more difficult to remain there. So we require the dedicated efforts of all and sundry to keep on keeping on.

Peace be with you all !


My successful educational achievement and career as an engineer has been supported and encouraged by many people, by reason of the trajectory of my life; to them I wish to express my profound gratitude.

Foremost of all is the Almighty and Everlasting God, who formed me, protected me, nourished me and sustained me through the various vicissitudes of life and today has exalted me to the pinnacle of leadership.

My thanks also go to my Father whose avowed philosophy and commitment to the education of his children was a motivation, and to my mother for her invaluable maternal care and solicitudes. Mr. Godwin Dania Unuewo, my late eldest brother, is also remembered for his care and unfathomable commitment to my course. He was always with me through thick and thin. My immediate elder brother Mr. Peter Danila is also acknowledged for his wonderful care and all my other brothers and sisters.

My profound gratitude also goes to Engr. Prof. J. Nwachukwu of the University of Benin, Benin City, who supervised my Master Degree Thesis on Industrial Engineering at UNIBEN; Engr. Prof. C. Ajuwa, who supervised my first Degree Project at Edo State University (Now Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma); my lecturers and mentors including Engr. Prof. Obiazee, Engr. Dr. Obode, Engr. Dr. Steve, Engr. Dr. Odia and Engr. Dr. Ighodalo, all of AAU Ekpoma, and Engr. Prof. John Akpobi,  and Engr. Dr. Ebiogwu.

My particular indebtedness is herein expressed for Engr. Dr. (Hon.) Asinyetogha Hilkiah Igoni, who has specially touched me in so many ways. By the grace of God he is totally instrumental to my becoming Branch Secretary, Vice Chairman and today Chairman.

Immeasurable thanks also go to Engr. Chief Giadomenico Massari, FNSE for his concern and support; past Chairmen, Fellows, Members, etc. who in one way or the other contributed to the present status of the Branch.

There are so many others I cannot mention here because of time, but let me say that your efforts and inputs concerning me were not misplaced. Thank you all greatly. And for all of us here who have come to grace this occasion, I thank you immensely for coming and for your contributions.

I want to specially appreciate the effort of all the companies too numerous to mention who contributed to making this inauguration successful.

My Controller, TPL Tete Inameti, I thank you for your wonderful understanding and assistance.

To my dear wife Magdalene Nibo Dania, I say thank you for your understanding and patience, in recognizing that my work schedule is unpredictable.


Members of the high table, distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, may I at this juncture call on the other members of my executive who were elected with me to serve the Society for formal inauguration into their offices as the Executive Committee of the Branch.

Please come forward as you hear your name.

1.      Engr. Kombo Theophilus-Johnson,                               Vice Chairman
2.      Engr. Emmanuel Idoniboye                                          General Secretary
3.      Engr. Mrs. Anthonia C. Ohagwa                                   Asst. Gen. Secretary
4.      Engr. Chief Belief Gibson                                              Treasurer
5.      Engr. Mrs. Agnes Adimelechi                                        Fin. Secretary
6.      Engr. Precious Bob-Manuel                                          Technical Secretary
7.      Engr. Chinwe Okoronkwo                                            Asst. Technical Sec.
8.      Engr. Edward Orupabo                                                Publicity Secretary
9.      Engr. Humphrey Amadi                                                Welfare Secretary
10     Engr. Otunte J. Otueneh                                              Membership Sec.
11     Engr. Victor Onwuasomba                                           Internal Auditor


Say with me together
I, ………………………………………………. Pledge to uphold the articles of Association of the Nigerian society of engineers and work honestly and diligently for the upliftment of the profession in Nigeria. So help me God.



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