The officers of the Branch shall be:

i) Chairman
ii) Vice chairman
iii) Secretary
iv) Assistant Secretary
v) Treasurer
vi) Technical Secretary
vii) Assistant Technical Secretary
viii) Financial Secretary
ix) Publicity Secretary
x) Membership Secretary
xi) Welfare Secretary
xii) Internal Auditor


All officers of the Branch shall hold office at the pleasure of the general house for a period of 1 year; and any officer could be re-elected for a further period of 1 year, after which he/she shall not hold the same office for at least 2 years.


The Chairman shall:
i) Preside at all Exco meetings, General and any other meetings of the Branch.
ii) Liaise with the Secretary in convening all meetings of the Branch.

4.3.2 Vice Chairman
The Vice Chairman shall:
i) Act for the Chairman in his absence and carry out such duties and responsibilities as the Chairman may assign to him.
ii) Co-ordinate the activities of the Branch Standing Committees.

4.3.3. Secretary
The Secretary shall:
i) Cause the appropriate circulars to be issued to convene all meetings of the Branch after consultation with the Chairman.
ii) Ensure the maintenance of proper records for the Branch, and keeping all vital documents of the Branch.
iii) Take and maintain all minutes at all meetings of the Branch.
iv) Prepare and submit an annual report to the Branch.

4.3.4 Assistant Secretary

The Assistant Secretary shall:
i) Assist the Secretary in carrying out his duties by undertaking such duties that are assigned to him by the Secretary.
ii) Act for the Secretary whenever he is absent or not available.

4.3.5 Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:
i) Receive all monies accruing to the Branch and bank same within 48 hours.
ii) Keep proper records of income and expenditure.
iii) Prepare and submit to the Branch a financial report at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and at such other times as the Exco may decide.

4.3.6 Technical Secretary

The Technical Secretary shall:
i) Be the Chairman of the Technical Committee.
ii) Execute all approved technical programmes of the Branch.

4.3.7 Assistant Technical Secretary
The assistant Technical Secretary shall:
i) Assist the Technical Secretary in carrying out his assignments and act for him in his absence.
ii) Shall be the Secretary of the Technical Committee.

4.3.8 The Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary shall:
i) Collect all monies due to the Branch from whatever sources.
ii) Pay to the Treasurer all monies collected by him within 48 hours of receipt.
iii) Maintain proper records of all monies collected and payments made to the Treasurer.

4.3.9 Publicity Secretary

The Publicity Secretary shall:
i) Project the image of the Branch and the Nigerian Society of Engineers in general.
ii) Publicise the activities of the Port Harcourt Branch, the National Secretariat and other Branches of the Nigerian Society of Engineers as appropriate.

4.3.10 Membership Secretary
The membership Secretary shall:
i) Be the Chairman of the membership committee
ii) Maintain and update membership records regularly.

4.3.11 Welfare Secretary

The Welfare Secretary shall:
i) Be the Chairman of the Welfare Committee
ii) Execute all approved welfare programmes of the Branch.

4.3.12 Internal Auditor

The internal Auditor shall audit the account of the Branch on a quarterly basis and report the same to the General Meetings.

Chapter Four of the NSEPH Bye-Laws



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